Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Chesapeake Sports Club’s Eighth Annual Golf Classic

The Chesapeake Sports Club recently held their Eighth Annual Golf Classic to benefit the club's  scholarship fund. Several teams were assembled, lunch was enjoyed and prizes were given at the Suffolk Golf Course. The generous contributions of local sponsors make the annual event and the scholarship fund possible.

From left: Glenn Hampton, Nathan Beck, Paul Freeman, and Eddie Kurpiel

Golf Classic Chair, Donn Irby with Robert, Manager of Suffolk golf course

Gold Classic Coordinator extraordinaire, Sherry Simmons

From left: Michael Lee, Zach Grohler, Josh Grohler, and Mark Grohler

From left: Chris Bay, Steve McCartney, Jeff Rice, Tony Casper

From left: Doug Fohl, Steve Barton, Charlie Brown

From left: Gary O'Brien, Joe Ramsey, Roger Hartman, and Jay White

From left: Greg DiLuciano, Jeff Shumante, Morris Deal, and C.H. Lambert

From left: Harold Ellington, Bob Murphy, Todd Davis, and Kenny Keller

From left: JP Saintsing, James Roundtree, Jeff Wolfe, and David Ropp

Team Kempsville Building

From left: Team KT Automotive from left: Mike Shaw, Nick Pingel, Collier Donald, and Cody Thompson

From left: Nathan Beck, Glenn Hampton, Eddie Kurpiel, and Paul Freeman

Team Norfolk Coatings

From left: Norm Lafleur, Frank Paciella, Bob Miller, and John Blake

From left: Paul Schmidt, Ray Coykendall, Larry Jensen, and J.D. Miles

From left: PJ Hughes, Paul Hughes, Keane Hughes, and Eric Hofmann

From left: Ray Nunnally, Gary Ricks, Bob Hayes, and Bryan Blow

From left: Richard Wentz, Carl Hardee, Steve Best, and Christian Best

From left: Rick Davis, Mike T., Gary Tyler, and Ronnie Preston

From left: Robert Ziegenfuss, Milt Ackerman, Frank Ziegenfuss, and Jesse Van Horn

From left: Shon Bell, Donn Irby, and Jason Johnson

Signature Golf Group

From left: Stan Forbes, Bo Josue, Gary Burdette, and Joe Josue

From left: Tony Fuller, Jim Jones, Harry Goodwin, Jerry Huntzinger

WVEC Channel 3 cameraman