Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Seafood Lovers Agree that "I Got Your Crabs" is Top Notch

Recently, Shopper Editor Rob Lauer and Carey Whitley decided to satisfy their taste for fresh seafood by visiting I Got Your Crabs Shellfish Market and Oyster Bar in Kittyhawk. While enjoying an outstanding meal that included fresh soft shell crabs, shrimp, flounder, oyster stew and blue-crab nachos, they ran into old friends from Bedford, Virginia - Darrin and Tracey Lindsay and their four children. "Whenever we come to the Outer Banks, we always come to I Got Your Crabs," Darrin said enthusiastically. "They have the best seafood around!" As seafood aficionados, Rob and Carey certainly agree. A convenient, scenic drive south of Hampton Roads, I Got Your Crabs is their new go-to place for fresh, delicious seafood!

The Lindsay family: Savanah, Riley, Cobey, Darrin, Tracey and Jadyn

Cobey, Darrin and Tracey Lindsay

Shopper Editor Rob Lauer and Carey Whitley

Brian Pierce, host at I Got Your Crabs