Saturday, April 17th, 2021


KK Wellness takes on Miss Fit 757

The women of KK Wellness and Consulting, LLC dominated Miss Fit 757 - a fun-filled obstacle course where ladies could showcase their athletic abilities in three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Tire flips, burpees, and sled pulls were just some of the obstacles that the ladies faced.

Team KKW ready to take on the course!

Kelly Killen, owner of KK Wellness, with The Shopper's graphic designer Jennifer Tolarchyk. Through Kelly's coaching, Jennifer has lost 30 pounds (so far) and is enjoying the healthy lifestyle that KK Wellness promotes.

Friends Jennifer Tolarchyk, Krissie McGourn and Diane Portlock are all living the KK Wellness lifestyle and have lost a combined weight of 180 pounds!

Kayla Hartline blasts through the course

Kelly Killen, owner of KK Wellness, with her daughter Kayla Hartline - the advanced winner of the competition.