Friday, April 16th, 2021


Lunch at Warriors Taphouse

Locals enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Warriors Taphouse – a great place to step away from the busy work day and enjoy handcrafted farm-to-table meals while supporting our nation's veterans and their families.

Some of the Shopper team with guests Terry Young and Bill Austin

From left, Michael Green, Lt Cmdr Sean McDonnell and Lt Cmdr Todd Mousel take a break to enjoy lunch at the Taphouse.

Captain Josh Sager and Captain Jeff Dermody are frequent visitors for lunch.

Greg Provencher enjoys trying the Taphouse for the first time

Dr. Bill Austin and The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

From left, Shopper Account Executive Martha Frugard, Shopper Graphics Design Team Karah Angeli and Jennifer Tolarchyk

From left, Terry Young of CEO of Internet Marketing and Air Aspects, Account Executive Laura Seawell and Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima of The Shopper

Server Kami Dominick and Lisa Dunn, Shopper Account Executive

Brendan and Deidre Fish relax for lunch at the Taphouse.

Server Kami Dominick with co-founder Mike Herron