Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Halloween Party at Quality Music and Dance

A ghostly gala was hosted by Quality Music and Dance to celebrate Halloween. All the guests and students arrived in spook-tacular costumes. The evening was spent playing ghoulish games and munching on boo-licious snacks! The QMD students already have their calendars marked and are looking forward to next year's party!

From left: Meghan, Kenny J, Muffy, Wayne and Jack


From left: Muffy, Maggie, Natalie, Ashley, Julia, Kathryn and Jasmine

Austin and Izzy with their parents

Brielle and Yvette

Daylin and Neena in front, with Wayne and Muffy

Halloween 2018

From left: Katheryne, Ava, Muffy and Julia

Meghan, Muffy and Ayden

Wayne and Muffy Hoover with Brooklynn, Brielle and Neena

From left: Chloe, Amber and Alex


Jack and Muffy

Karolyn and Maggie

Sally and Jack