Sunday, April 18th, 2021


Aberdeen Barn – A fabulous place to celebrate!

Lisa Dunn, Account Executive at The Shopper, hosted a surprise 50th wedding anniversary for her parents, Lee and Sally Kitts, in one of the restaurant's private rooms.  Friends and family gathered in honor of the couple.

Sally and Lee Kitts – guests of honor – still in love!

Mary Pilkington of Tailored Staging & Events set up flowers and balloons in the private room at Aberdeen Barn

From left: grandchildren Braden and Gracie, daughter Lisa, Sally and Lee Kitts, and granddaughter Kacey

The Kitts clan showed up to celebrate

Sally and Lee Kitts, Lee's twin brother Jimmy and the couple's grandson Braden Copeland

Lisa Dunn, The Shopper Account Executive with Amy & Mark Harris of Tucker Homes, LLC

Braden Copeland and J J Williams share a mound of delicious crab legs

Lee Kitts, Jimbo Kitts (nephew) and Jimbo’s son, Collin

The entire group of friends and family enjoying the occasion

Grandson Braden Copeland, great niece Evelyn Miranda and granddaughter Kacey Copeland

Kitts grandchildren, great nieces and nephews

Marianne and Jimmy Kitts, and Margaret Sleeper (sister of Lee Kitts)

Mark and Amy Harris of Tucker Homes LLC, their son, Matt, and his girlfriend, Jazmin

Jennifer Kitts with Katlyn, Melissa and Gene Thompson

Lee Kitts and long-time friend, Clo Old

Sally Kitts with brother and sister-in-law from Camden, NC – Preston and Raymonde Leary

Back row: Lisa Dunn and Amy Harris Front row: Lee and Sally Kitts

Parker and Jennifer Kitts