Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Sisters Entertain Friends and Neighbors

Sisters - Realtor® Murphy Brown and LPL Brokerage Administrator Barbara Prevo – entertained family, friends and neighbors on a recent summer evening while guests enjoyed the sounds of the band Shadowjack. The get-together was held in the driveway and open garages between their two homes in the Hickory area of Chesapeake.

Sisters Murphy Brown and Barbara Prevo

Scott and Vicky Nyberg

Heidi Coleman and Annalisa Previte

Steve Nyberg and Joyce Isabel

From left: Steve Nyberg, Denise, Kim, and Joyce Isabel

From left: Annalisa Previte, Joyce Isabel, Denise and Kim

From left, Nancy and Dale Brittington with Karen Lorber

From left, Jackie, Brandie, Bob and Alexa Osburn

Heidi Coleman with Kathy and Bill Stephenson

Vicki Nyberg and Becky

Terry Barnard and Becky

Anne Bisese and Carol Johnson

Dee Gee Thow and Steve Nyberg

From left: Murphy Brown, Drew Thow, Steve Nyberg, and Dee Gee Thow

Terry Barnard and Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown with The Shopper publisher, Jean Loxley Barnard

Richard Spano and David Holdy of the band Shadowjack

Jenny Ballance with The Shopper publisher, Jean Loxley Barnard

Murphy Brown with Drew and Dee Gee Thow

Murphy Brown with Scott Nyberg

Jenny Ballance and Elayne Thymides

Elayne Thymides and Barbara Prevo

Annalisa Schwarten

Bob Phillipps and Scott Nyberg

Jim and Mary Durkin

Jeff Wagner and Barbara Prevo

Barbara Prevo and Mary Durkin

Jeff Wagner, Barbara Prevo and Murphy Brown

A great time was had by all!

Joyce Isabel, Mary Durkin and Steve Prevo

Joyce Isabel and Mary Durkin

Bob Phillipps and Scott Nyberg