Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Quality Music and Dance Delights Lighthouse Pointe Gracious Retirement Living Community

QMD Music Students and the QMD Performance Team, the Sparklers and Dazzlers, shared their love of music and dance with the residents of Lighthouse Pointe.  They played the piano and recorder, sang, and performed various styles of dance. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the performances, but it was the students who received the most gratification by getting to spend time with the friendly folks of Lighthouse Pointe.

Darby and Moira excited to share their talents

Darby plays for the residents

Deacon playing piano for the residents

Gavin makes a new friend

Kayalee getting ready to play

Kaylee sharing a song

Moira taking her turn at the piano

Neena, Olivia and Emily dance for the residents

Neena, Olivia and Emily share their fabulous footwork

Sofia and Kloie dance for the residents

Sofia and Kloie