Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Golf Club Classic

The Chesapeake Sports Club recently held their annual Golf Classic. Gorgeous summer weather was the backdrop to a fabulous day at Suffolk Golf Course. Lunch and dinner were provided, many prizes were won and, as in years past, there was a large turnout to benefit the club's student athletes scholarships fund.

Dale Craver and Photographer Linda Clifton seem to be enjoying the day following the teams around

Team Bell Tone A

Golf Tournament volunteers

Golf Tournament volunteers Dale Craver and Jackie Smith

Volunteers Mickey Carey with Steve Johnson

Volunteers Burke Craver and Linwood Nelms

Chesapeake Sports Club's finest! From left, Burke Craver, Steve Best, Phil Johnson, and Steve Johnson

Team A&B Propane: Steve Barton and Doug Fohl

Team Bell Tone B

Team CH Lambert: CH Lambert, Greg Delciano, George Diggs and Morris Deal

Team Chesapeake Shrine: Joe Ramsey, Gary O'Brien and Roger Hartman

Team Chesapeake Regional Medical Center: Vick Howard, B. Grant, Paula Moore, and Michael Sawyer

Team Collins Machine: Maurice Brown, Stevie Decker, Paul Hughes, PJ Hughes

Team Green Hampton & Kelly: Keith Robinson, Nathan Beck, Glenn Hampton & Keith Zimmerman

Team JC Driskill: Steve McCartney, Tony Casper, Bobby Kemp & Freddie Cahoon

Team John Davis: Frank Filosa, Frank Picilla, Justin Peterson and John Davis

Team Kempsville Building: Mike Carter, Dave Henson, Wayne Haggerman and Mike Hoppel

Team KT Aunto: Mike Shaw, Nick Pingel, Dave Ryan and Keith Tinkham

Team Montero: Dr. Juan Montero, Lambert and Vincent Medina

Team Rick West: Bob and Ann Gernee with Vicky and Mayor Rick West

Team Ruritan 1: Charlie Taylor, Roland Racette, Eddie Hodges, and Stan Forbes

Team Ruritan 2: Joe Josue, Ron Askew, Bobby Clifton and Dave McManus

Team Signature 1: Nunally, Ricks, Hayes and Kelly

Team Signature 2: Stevens, Klyver, Stathes, and Francisco

Team SN Golf Associates 1: Chico Umderwood, Barry Innis, Wes Gridley and Glenn Hudgins

Team Southeast VA Comm: TJ Bray, Steve Best, Janice and Tony Coppa

Team Tigers: Tommy McMillian, Bill Harell, Wesley Tayon and Lou Tayon

Team Virginia Assett: Richard McMillian, Norm LaFleur, and George Pegram

Team Ziegenfuss: Bobby Gettier, Robert Ziegenfuss, Milt Ackerson and Frank Ziengenfuss