Thursday, July 9th, 2020

G Gathering The 2018 Hampton Roads Rubber Duck Race

The 2018 Hampton Roads Rubber Duck Race

Over 2,000 people recently attended the 2018 Hampton Roads Rubber Duck Race. This annual event benefits Children's Health Investment Program—a non-profit agency that promotes healthier communities by supporting health services for young kids. Adults and children alike enjoyed a variety of food and fun-filled activities until race time, when rubber ducks were dropped into the Locks and everyone watched to see which lucky duck would cross the finish line first.

CHIP volunteers/”Duck Bodyguards” and their families. From left: Rachel and Lacy Pope, Anthony Clark, Alex McCauley, Curtis McLeod, Lee and Raelee Stamey, and Chris and Riely Till

Chipper the Duck with Trish O'Brien President/CEO of CHIP

Andy Baumgardner and Nat Williams from Triple R Ranch

Jim, Nolan and Megan McKittrick

Kenya the Klown

Betsy Williams with her twin daughters, Eleanor Garver and Ann Sleigher.

Patricia Keller from Rudy & Kelly Salon & Spa

Grand prize winner, Dee Dee Creech exclaimed, “So excited to receive my 2018 Duck Race check for $10,000! Thank you, CHIP! I will continue to support Children’s Health Investment Program in April 2019 for another Duck Race. I plan on recruiting a few friends to purchase tickets next year! Thank you Trish O’Brien and Staff, Business Supporters, and Volunteers for this event!