Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Shrimp Feast

The Khedive Shriners Motor Corps recently held their annual Shrimp Feast at the Shrine Center in Greenbrier. Guests feasted on delicious steamed and fried shrimp while having the opportunity to bid on various items donated for auction.

Kristen and Cliff Proctor

Linda Hartman, left, and Deb Tew

From left: Motor Corps Captain John Skinner, Shriner Charlie Taylor and Motor Corps Chairman Steve Smith

From left: Linda Hartman, Eric and Shana Williams

Dale Ward, left, and Kyle Madeira

From left: Melissa Madiera holding Calvin, Randall Murphy, and Jennifer Ward

Options hair stylist Laura Williamson and husband Bobby

David Carey was a lucky winner

From left: Vania Graves, Russ Bradshaw, and Ashley Rogers

Shriner Richard Quintilone worked hard frying shrimp

Shriner Harry Tew