Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Chesapeake Care Clinic Celebrates 25th Year

Meribeth and Rick Wilkinson opened their beautiful home in Edinburgh Meadows to celebrate the Chesapeake Care Clinic's 25 years of service.  The clinic has served the "working poor" all these years, sometimes preventing an accident or an illness from leading to a family becoming homeless.

The Wilkinson's home was the setting on a recent beautiful evening for those who had served over the years.  Board members and volunteers alike have been invaluable in keeping Dr. Juan Montero's vision alive.

Hostess and board member, Maribeth Wilkinson and husband Rick

Hostess and board member, Meribeth Wilkinson chats with Dr. Juan Montero

Mary Underdown, left, with Dr. Becky Adams

Dr. Juan Montero with The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

Sherry Browder, RN, left, and LaBarbara Cuffee

Board President Michael Corcoran, left, and Dr. Larry Kagan

The Shopper Publisher, Jean Loxley-Barnard, left, and Mary Underdown

Dr. Becky Adams, with Mayor Rick West and his wife Vicky

Dr. Larry Kagan, left, and Dr. Beau Hodge

Lynn Hardison, left, and Rita Wood from Hackworth Printing & Signs

Chesapeake Care Clinic Board President Michael Corcoran, left, and Mayor Rick West

From left: The Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, hostess Maribeth Wilkinson, and Mary Underdown

From left: Clinic Volunteer Coordinator Julianne Anderson, Dr. Beau Hodge and wife Pat

From left: Claire Hays, Cari Hamill and Kevin Edwards

From left: Theresa Davis, Dr. Juan Montero and, Roland Davis

From left: Dr. Becky Adams, Roland Davis, his wife Theresa, Chesapeake First Lady Vicky West and husband Mayor Rick West

Theresa Davis with Terry Barnard

From left: Theresa Davis, Nurse Practitioner Judy St. George, and Board member Sharon Stull

Jim Higgins, left, and board member David Bowman

From left: Maribeth Wilkinson, Dourina Peterson, and Lee Ann Lamkin, RN

Roland Davis, left, and past Board President Larry Zoeller

Roland Davis and Adela Zoeller

Roland Davis and LaBarbara Cuffee

From left: Dr. Juan Montero, Meribeth and Rick Wilkinson, and Larry Zoeller

From left: Maribeth Wilkinson, Reade Rowe, Terri Higgins, Board member Maryellen Remich, and Clinic Volunteer Coordinator Julianne Anderson

From left: Dr. Becky Adams, Larry and Adela Zoeller