Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Virginia Beach Christian Church Celebrates 50 years!

Friends and family gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Virginia Beach Christian Church.  The theme of the service was "Past, Present, and Future." The celebration continued after the service, with attendees enjoying refreshments and sharing their memories of the church's past.

Reverend Bill Austin and his lovely wife Karen

Anne Vagts and Reverend Bill Austin

Rev. Bill Austin, Alice Soles, Laura Soles, Gary and Rachel Soles

John Robertson and JoAnn Bishop

Guests of all ages enjoy the reception

Guests mingle

A photo of a young Reverend Bill Austin

Clifton Ireland and Natalie East

From left: Terri Clark, Doug Sprague, Kay and Bob Recknor

Reverend Bill Austin

MaryAnn McGuriman from Cedar Crossings in Great Bridge with The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

Guests mingle and enjoy the celebration

Betty Sullivan

Deborah and Dick Senchak

Kay and Bob Recknor

Terry Barnard and Natalie East enjoyed the reception after the Sunday service

Nancy Arme Soles, whose mother was a charter member, came from Zuni with her granddaughter, Alyssa Soles