Friday, April 16th, 2021


Chesapeake Sports Club

The Chesapeake Sports Club held its September meeting at the Chesapeake Conference Center. Vice-President Glenn Hampton announced that the club's partnership with the South Norfolk Ruritan Club for the summer concert series was highly successful, funding four scholarships. Sharon Everton Ivey, longtime athletic trainer and gymnastics coach at Great Bridge High School, was inducted as the 101st Legend of Honor. ACC Director of Officials, Bryan Kersey, gave a humorous presentation of his career as an Atlantic Coast Conference official saying the greatest thing in life is having the opportunity to pass on the important lessons to someone you care about. October's meeting will feature guest speaker Aaron Rouse of the Green Bay Packers.

Legend of Honor Inductee Sharon Everton Ivey and her husband Eddie

Sharon Everton Ivey

President Carolyn Bernard and Sharon Everton Ivey

President Carolyn Bernard and guest speaker Bryan Kersey

Sharon Everton Ivey and her family

Great Bridge High School Principle Jeff Johnson, left, and Dr. Michael Romash