Sunday, April 11th, 2021


An Evening of Fun for Supporters of Frank King

A fundraiser was recently held at the home of Randy & Shirley Forbes for the Commissioner of the Revenue campaign of Frank King. Frank's daughters Katie and Darcy were also on hand to cheer their dad on.

From left, Joe Falk, Frank King, Larry Zoeller, and Ray Conner

Frank with supporters Gloria and B.M. Williams

Frank and Commonwealth’s Attorney Nancy Parr

From left, Ron Ritter, Ray Conner, Frank King and Drew Kubovcik

Susan Oman and Lil Oman with Frank

Frank with Vista Cotton, Carol Stevenson, Anne Council, Susan Oman, Lil Oman, and Susan Schaffner

Daughters Katie and Darcy King proudly stand with their dad

Frank and City Treasurer Barbara Carraway