Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Chesapeake Sports Club

College Scholarships Awarded to a Dozen Students - The Sports Club of Chesapeake held their monthly meeting at the Conference Center.  Twelve scholarships were awarded to public and private high school graduates to help defray the costs of their collegiate tuitions. NFL running back Howard Stevens gave an inspiring speech especially directed toward the students in attendance encouraging them to always make the most of any chance they get in life, to never take an opportunity for granted, and he shared the knowledge that the only thing a person can truly control is their own performance.
Recipient Kiarash Azadbakht was not able to attend.

Guest speaker Howard Stevens

Club Member Linda Allen Clifton and guest speaker Howard Stevens

Ryan C. Chamberlain of Atlantic Shores Christian School

Christopher A. Clayton of Deep Creek High School

Felecia A. Hayes of Grassfield High School

Gabrielle K. Motsko of Grassfield High School

Madison L. Belby of Great Bridge High School

Katlyn M. Nixon of Great Bridge High School

Haley C. Anderson of Greenbrier Christian Academy

Bethany L. Barrett of Hickory High School

Hunter L. Newland of Hickory High School

De’Jhane Maria Futrelle-Boone of Oscar Smith High School

Joshua A. Dudek of Western Branch High School