Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Business to Business Expo

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual B2B Expo at the Chesapeake Marriott hotel, giving local businesses and those who serve them an opportunity to network and showcase their businesses and services.

Wes Smith and Brandon Beddie of Southern Trust Mortgage

Keith Matthews of Batchelder & Collins

Heather Moore with Sunrise Kitchen, Bath & More

Martha Frugard and Terri Young, account executives from The Shopper magazine

Anna Yarashus of Better Solutions for Biz

Angela Maxwell, CEO and Founder of The Bunny Hutch with Jr.

Liz Montelli, left, and Janice Spencer of Healing Hanz

Lori Walker, left, and Jo White of Atlantic Office Machines

Chris Zito of Healing Hanz

From left: Ashlie Jones, Tim Jones, and Tony Parson of Eternal Works

Paige Parlmer of Center for Vein Restoration

Christina Warfel of Alzheimer's Association