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G Gathering 22nd Annual Flyway Feast

22nd Annual Flyway Feast

On Saturday, June 23, 2007 the Back Bay Restoration Foundation (BBRF) held their 22nd annual flyway feast in order to raise funds in restoring and rehabilitating the Back Bay watershed. The Back Bay watershed now suffers from pollution generated by changing land uses. Great barbeque and activities such as a silent auction filed the Flyway Hunt Club. Performances from The Resonatores, Skip Friel, and Annalee Scully complemented with all the festivities. This was a very profitable event of friends and family enjoying a great time for a great cause.

Susan Admire, Executive Director, the coordinator of the event.

Kathryn Fisher, Captain Fishbones provided some pirate adventures games for kids.

From left, Janis Walsh, Jennie Bortoletti, Victoria Vinson, and Sallie Kurr, enjoying all the festivities.

Richard Williams and John Barnes, both guides for the Back Bay watershed.

CJ and Carolyn Burne, from the Wildfowl museum in Virginia Beach.

Helen Ryan and Marge Somers enjoyed the performance by The Resonatores.

Kate and Oakie Morris, owners of Moonrise Bay Winery.

Sherry and Nathaniel Freil, enjoying all the festivities.

Vickie Shufer, from Native Nursery, brought some of her organic plants.