Sunday, April 11th, 2021


71st Annual Portsmouth Sports Club Jamboree

Believe in Yourself

The 71st annual Jamboree was held at the Women's Club of Portsmouth.  The featured speaker and guest of honor was Olympic Gold Medalist LaTasha Colander Clark. In her inspiring presentation to the young athletes she emphasized that by believing in yourself and showing it in your actions and demeanor others will believe in you, too. Eight scholarships were awarded to local high school student athletes and Roland "Bucky" Dodson was honored as a Lifetime Member.

Club President Nicole McGowan, left and LaTasha Colander Clark

Dr. Harold Heafner, left, and Ray Brown

From left: Jodi Tolarchyk, Nicole McGowan, LaTasha Colander Clark and Shopper Account Executive Dr. Glenn Fritz

From left: Bill Hasty, York Poole and Warriner Atkinson

The Honorable Earl Mobley, left, and Sports Club Lifetime Member Roland “Bucky” Dodson

From left: Coach Jim Stanko, Harrison Didiwick, Retiring Western Branch High School Athletic Director Mark Didiwick, his wife Debi, his mother Donna, his father Ercel, daughter Taylor and Western Branch High School Principal Dr. Thomas Whitley

From left: Jack Ankerson, Kathy Fitch and Tommy Kirkpatrick

Coach Leon Goolsby, High School Coach of the Year from I.C. Norcom High School

Helen Anne Bradshaw, Female High School Athletic Award of Excellence, Churchland High School

Aaron Moore, Male High School Athletic Award of Excellence, Woodrow Wilson High School

Larry Jones III, I.C. Norcom High School

Ashley E. Caffee, Western Branch High School

Emma Sharrett, Woodrow Wilson High School

Brendyn Altman, Portsmouth Christian School

Catera Ruth, Western Branch High School

Emily O’Dell, Churchland High School

Austin Johnson, Western Branch High School

Hailey Eaves, Portsmouth Christian School

Cliff Sayles, Sports Person of the Year

LaTasha Colander Clark giving her inspirational speech

Foundation Scholarship Award winners

From left: The Shopper graphic designer, Jennifer Tolarchyk, her daughter Jodi and Mat Littleton, Head men's track coach at Virginia Wesleyan College