Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Dr. Don Buckley celebrates birthday with family and friends

Chesapeake General Hospital's original CEO, Don Buckley, honored by family and close friends, with "Frank Singing Frank" as MC of the evening.

Don Buckley's 80th Birthday was an occasion for a big celebration with local friends and with family who came from near (VB) and far - Chapel Hill and Texas! Dinner followed tributes from his children and led to group dancing for a happy, festive time.

From left: Don's son Keith Buckley, his daughter Lori Buckley McCaffrey and her husband Richard

Dr. Don Buckley's children and their significant others. From left: Keith Buckley, Jennifer Curtis, Lisa Lewis, Bob Lewis, Lori McCaffrey and husband Richard

From left: Becky Jacobs, Alvene Buckley, and Ed Jacobs

Wynn Dixon, left, and Diana Munari

From left: Crissy and Joel White, and Lisa Lewis

From left: Keith Buckley, Lori McCaffrey and William Fuller, former NFL star

From left: Dr. Don Buckley, former NFL star William Fuller and Bud Moulse

Bud Moulse and Don Beek

From left: Gloria Beek, Becky Jacobs, and Debbie Moulse

Gloria Beek and her husband Don

The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard with her husband Terry Barnard

William Fuller and his wife Priscilla

Dr. Buckley addressing his guests

Hospital chairman Bob Oman is amused by the speeches

Keith Buckley speaking to the crowd about his father

Wynn Dixon, Don Buckley and his wife Alvene listen to their son speak about his father

Lisa Buckley Lewis speaks highly of her father

Lori McCaffrey also speaks highly of her father for the crowd

Lori McCaffrey and her husband Richard are amused of the fond memories talked about

Florist extraordinaire Herb Petway came in from Great Neck for his old friend's party to the delight of many other friends, such as Jean Loxley-Barnard here

The celebration continues on with dancing

Don Buckley and his wife Alvene

Keith Buckley, left, and Wilbur Addison

Carolyn Medina, left and Debbie Moulse

From left: Bob Oman, and John and Carol Crosby

The doctor cuts the beautiful birthday cake

Aurella Addison with Alvene Buckley

Frank Sings Frank serenades The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard and was also a wonderful emcee

Debbie Moulse dancing with Andres Medina

Bob Oman, left, with Herb Petway