Sunday, April 18th, 2021


Annual Khedive Shriner Oyster Bowl

The 67th Khedive Shrine Oyster Bowl was recently held at Old Dominion University. The Shriners held a pregame tailgate party for members and guests. All proceeds will benefit Shriners Hospital for Children.

Carl and BB Unterbrink

From left: Carole McCullough, Donny Groh, and Dawn Ryan

From left: Shriner Imperial Officer Jim Caine, Potentate Woody Brown, John Howe, Oyster Bowl Chairman Terry Riley, Bill Hoggard, and Dick Wright

From left: Potentate Woody Brown, Oyster Bowl Chairman Terry Riley, and Imperial Officer Jim Caine

Angel Brumbach and Mike Hogan

The Hartman family, from left: Ryan, Linda, and Roger with Charlene and David Powell

Jackie and Bill Plemmons

Lee and Pam Culbertson

Deb and Harry Tew

From left: Mike Macur, Casey Tew, and Greg Macur

ODU cheerleaders stopped by to cheer the crowd

From left: Ashia McCrary, Jack French, and Kaitlynn Foltz

From left: Ed Clifton, Al Kinchen, and Ken McCullough