Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Congratulations Western Branch Bruins!

The Western Branch Bruins won their homecoming game against Nansemond River High School and elected Seniors Gabrielle Bell and Rufus Hurdle as their 2016 Homecoming Queen and King.

Seniors Alexis Smith and Ashton White

Seniors Katrina Nelson and Jimmy Shannon

Seniors Tiara Davis and Austin Johnson

2016 Homecoming Queen and King seniors Gabrielle Bell and Rufus Hurdle

Seniors Morgan Baines and Keith Bryant

Juniors Aidan Dunn and Gabby Vaughan

2015 Homecoming Queen and King Natural Glover and Akinshe Calica Hill

Junior Mackenzie Bolen (2016 Miss Western Branch)

Katie Vaughan Liakos and Gabrielle Vaughan

Sophomores Kyra Morrison and Dante Ewing

Freshmen Beyonce Taylor and Jamal Scott