Sunday, April 18th, 2021


Chesapeake Wine Festival

The Chesapeake Rotary Club recently hosted their annual Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival at Chesapeake City Park.  The rainy day did not deter wine enthusiasts from enjoying a taste of the many award-winning wines provided by Virginia wineries.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the community charities of the Rotary Club.

The food was beautifully displayed

Beautifully decorated tables awaited guests

From left: Harry Tew, Scott Danner, and The Shopper Account Executive Glenn Fritz

Harry Tew, left, and Off the Hook Owner Derrick Carpinelli

Off the Hook Owner Derrick Carpinelli and The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima

Steve and Kym Bach

Win Winslow, left, and Southern Girl Salvage Owner Barbara Hearne

From left: Win Winslow, Southern Girl Salvage Owner Barbara Hearne, and The Shopper Account Executive Glenn Fritz

Cliff and Kristen Proctor

From left: Chainey Huntley, Deputy Darrell Riddick, and Lt. William Cartwright

Carvell Aldridge, left, and Sergeant Douglas Kupha

First Sergeant Carlos Rodriguez, left, and Steve Bach

Catering for The Shopper chalet was provided by The Cockeyed Rooster of Smithfield

Cockeyed Rooster employee Melina Christou, left, and Carolyn Clark

From left: Sue Cosgrove, State Senator John Cosgrove, Dawn Glynn of TowneBank, and her husband Tim

From left: Lewis McGehee, his daughter Kayce, and Rick Lutz

The crew from Yummy Goodness Catering Company. Front row, from left: Jen Peterman and Alliey Logan. Back row, from left: Michael Devine, Kevin Holroyd, Oliver Brody-Morris, and Devon Barrett