Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Montero Medical Missions Luau

Dr. Juan Montero held his annual luau thanking all of his volunteers for their dedicated work in supporting the many causes of Montero Medical Missions. The event, complete with dancers from Hawaiian Style Halau and roasted, Filipino-style pig, was held at the newly opened, high-end Upscale Resale in the Woodford shopping center.

From left: Sharonda Giles, Donna Steward, Dolly Owen, Clara Diaz, and Karen Elgin

From left: Linda Demsey, Dolly Owen, Patty Wilson, Dr. Juan Montero, and Chris Wilson

The Polynesian Family Luau dance troupe. From left: Hula Instructor JoJo Calles, Kalanui and Leilani Wakinekona, and Cyndy Wilson

From left: P.J. O'Hare, Fannie O'Neal, and Ron

From left: Clara Diaz, Angelica George, and Ron

Matt Mattson, left and Chris Wilson

From left: Dr. Robert Brewer, Patty Wilson, and Paul Schmidt

The Polynesian Family Luau dance troop in action

Vince Medina with Mr. Pig

From left: Linda Demsey, Joe McGourn, Dolly Owen, Patty Wilson, Dr, Juan Montero, and Angelica George

Mr. and Mrs. Calles of the Hawaiian Polynesian dance troupe

From left: Linda Demsey, Sylvia Sykes, Glenda Fowler, and Randy Fowler

Kit and Chuck Brausewetter

Rick Owen, left, and Randy Fowler