Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Khedive Shriners’ Seafood Feast

The Khedive Shriners recently held their annual Seafood Feast in Chesapeake. Guests feasted on delicious steamed shrimp, fried oysters, fried fish, clam strips, and clam chowder.  Ice cold drinks were refreshing on the hot, sunny day.  The popular local band Hotcakes provided the entertainment.

Brandi Akers, left, and Kendra Mansfield

From left: Michaela Taylor with her daughter Lauren Taylor, Charlene Powell, Linda Hartman, and Charlie Taylor

Chandler Davis and Rainey Ange

David Meise, left, and Ron Bock

2016 Khedive Shriner Potentate Woody Brown, left, and past Potentate Rick Underdown

Cindy and Bill Wheat

From left: Julie Coffey, Keith Burnett, and Virginia Martin

From left: Macy DiPrima with her dad Tom DiPrima, John Cooper, Deb Tew with her daughter Casey and her husband Khedive Shiner Harry Tew

From left: Tom DiPrima, Jessica Casper, and Macy DiPrima

From left: Volunteers Ken McCullough, Donnie Glen, and Carole McCullough

Freedom Land Works Owner Donnie Glen

Gary and Mandy O'Brien

From left: Ruritan Governor Rusty Barath, Dave McManus, and Chesapeake Sports Club President Steve Johnson

Local band Hotcakes entertained the crowd

From left: Charlene Powell with her dad Charlie Taylor, Roger Hartman, and his wife Linda

From left: Cynthia Reed with Eddie, Gary, and Debbie Spivey

From left: Bill Lauterbach, Joe Ramsey, and his sister Deb Tew

Don Jackson