Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Quality Music and Dance Inspires Dancers to

Quality Music and Dance Center recently hosted a recital to show off the accomplishments of their dance students. The recital, themed Be Your Own Hero, showed off the students' hard work and dedication. Their goal is to build the students up and teach them to stand up for not only themselves but others as will. In an effort to combat the growing cases of bullies in school and on social media, Quality Music and Dance encourages their students to not only shine bright on stage when they dance, but to shine bright in the community as positive role models.


Photos by Katie Forehand


Jessica W, Emily M

Penelope, Jasmine, Jessica W

Emily G, Kloie, April, Jessica W

From left: Sonja, Kaleigh, and Lauren D.

From left: Lauren B., Kayla, and Shannon

From left: Scarlett, Fanny, and Delaney

Zooey S., left, Zoey C.

Lauren B., left, and Shannon

From left: Kayla, Lauren B., Shannon, and Kristian


Rachel, left, and Zaria

From left: Natalie, Kavin, Alyssa, Penelope H., Rachel, Gabrielle, Zaria, and Jasmine as "The Avengers"