Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Catch Up With the Chesapeake Sports Club

The Chesapeake Sports Club held its monthly meeting and awarded four scholarships to outstanding high school athletes for the spring season. Clyde Ducky Davis was inducted as the 84th Legend of Honor. Head Coach Karen Barefoot of Old Dominion University's women's basketball was the guest speaker. The coach shared that on her journey of life the orange ball has given her so much. Her keys to success are based on the four letters L O V E: learn, overcome adversity, visualize, and expect nothing and give everything. There is a golf tournament is scheduled for July 15th at the Suffolk Golf Course.

Noah Warack, Boys Tennis, Grassfield High School

Alina Creamer, Girls Tennis, Grassfield High School

Lauryn Ghee, Girls Outdoor Track, Grassfield High School

Grant Holloway, Boys Outdoor Track, Grassfield High School

Legend of Honor inductee Clyde

Guest speaker Coach Karen Barefoot

Shopper Public Relations Executive Dr. Glenn Fritz, left, and women's basketball Head Coach Karen Barefoot of ODU