Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Natural Bodyz Fitness Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Natural Bodyz Fitness recently had their official ribbon cutting ceremony at their new location on Pleasure House Road.  Friends, family, and members joined together to celebrate. Mayor Will Sessoms even volunteered to try out some of their new equipment.

Natural Bodyz Fitness member Joe O'Brian, Natural Bodyz Fitness Trainer Jessica Clements, and Natural Bodyz Fitness Trainer Terry Stevens

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms tries out some of the new equipment

Discount Supplements Direct Store Manager Larry Romett

Natural Bodyz Fitness General Manager Katelynn Whitehead

From left: Surge Force Business Development Cheryl Boyd, Advanced Integrated Technology President Carl Spraberry, Bob McDonnell, and Natural Bodyz CEO and Personal Trainer Chad Havunen

From left: Rose and Womble Realtor Cheryl Hickok, Closet Factory Senior Advanced Designer Tammy Lenz, and Education First Host Family Program Manager Kaitlyn Ingram

From left: Natural Bodyz Fitness Member Michael Dempsey, Natural Bodyz Fitness Personal Trainer Steve Carlson, and Natural Bodyz Fitness member Travis Clark

From left: Natural Bodyz Fitness members Carla Jernigan-Fuller, Don Shearon, and Glenda Prentiss

Premier Health Chiropractic Practice Representative Kierah Calcote, left, and Premier Health Chiropractic Chiropractic Assistant Karina Morales

From left: Natural Bodyz Fitness Personal Trainer Terrence Bond, his wife Danniele Hall-Bond, and his daughter Wynter Bond