Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Catch Up With the Chesapeake Sports Club

The April meeting of the Chesapeake Sports Club was held at the Chesapeake Conference Center.

Joanne Renn, the athletic director at Virginia Wesleyan College, was the guest speaker. Two coaches from Virginia Wesleyan College

Outstanding Student Athlete Donald Hicks, Oscar Smith Basketball

Outstanding Student Athlete Grant Holloway, Grassfield High School Indoor Track

Outstanding Student Athlete Khiana Johnson, Western Branch High School Girls Basketball

Outstanding Student Athlete Lauryn Ghee, Grassfield High School Indoor Track

Joanne Renn with Virginia Wesleyan College coaches

Athletics Director Joanne Renn of Virginia Wesleyan College

Norm, Sherry Simmons, John Collington, and Carolyn Bernard

Mat Littleton, Head Coach for Men's Track and Field at Virginia Wesleyan College

Brandon Elliott, Women's Softball coach at Virginia Wesleyan College

Wayne and Maybin Grimm

Wayne Grimm, Chesapeake Sports Club Legend of Honor, with his wife Maybin and their daughter

Chesapeake Sports Club Legend of Honor Wayne Grimm

Wayne Grimm with Chesapeake Sports Club President Steve Johnson