Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Khedive Shriner Oyster Roast

The Chesapeake Shrine Club of Khedive Shrine Center recently held their 39th Annual Oyster Roast and was a huge success. Food and drinks were plentiful as the crowd listened to the entertainment of The Janitors.

From left: Debby and Linwood Wentzell with Gail Holland

From left: The Johnson's: Scott, Yvonne, and Bill

Heidi and Dale Looby

Shriner volunteer Tim McMahon served plenty of raw oysters

From left: Knights of Columbus #3548 members George Decker, David Nelson, and Leo Thomas

From left: Shriner Ken McCullough, his wife Carole, and Knights of Columbus #3548 members George Decker, David Nelson, and Leo Thomas

Volunteers worked hard to keep the crowd supplied with oysters

From left: Donny Groh, Jon Stillman, and Bill Lawrence

From left: Jimmy Ramsey, Danny Forbes, and Bill Burnham

Graphic Designer Jennifer Tolarchyk of The Shopper and her husband Keith

From left: Werdna Wynne, Charlie Taylor, and Willie Skenes

Hearndon Construction President Carroll Smith, left, and son Vice President Doug Smith

From left: Donna Elliott, Jessica Kocher, and Dana Ayers

Debra Tew, left, with daughter Casey

The Janitors entertained the crowd

From left: Todd Patton, Linda Hartman, Kathy Reed, and Liz Bianchi

Denise and Gene Waters

From left: Nicole Lynn Rodemeyer, Don Bowden, Christina Cumbo, and Big

Melanie Groh sells raffle tickets

From left: John Reed, Patrick Garrison, and Keith Tolarchyk

Some of The Shopper team had some fun outside of work! From left: The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli, Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, Graphic Designer Jennifer Tolarchyk, and Editor Michelle Douglas.

Chesapeake Deputy Sherriffs Joey McGourn, left, and Zach Khali

Donny Groh working hard in the fry pit

Volunteers working in the fry pit to assure there was plenty of food for everyone to enjoy

From left: Caitlin Hudson, Alex McTyre, Chip Hudson, and Shelby Moulton

From left: Michele and Chester Butler with Melanie Groh

Kelly McKenna and Betsy Bidwell

From left: Carole McCullough, Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, and Laura Lawrence

From left: Katie Lockard, Lindsay Riddle, and Robert and Brenda Ike

Glenn and Sally Hunsberger

Many gathered for the fun and festivities

A good time was had by all listening to the band

Sandra Waterfield, left, and Slyvia Curran keep busy serving drinks

Mike and Mindy Gearey

Production Manager Karah Angeli of The Shopper and Kelley Mullenniex

From left: Marshall Chamberlain, Kelly McKenna, Luke Woldmoe, and Betsy Bidwell

Amy McNabb was the big winner of the raffle

Carol Reichardt, left, and Becky Wolf

From left: Danna Frey, Kim Frey, Jimmy Frey, Kim Williams, and Baine Basnight