Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Hilltop YMCA Lends a Helping Hands

The Hilltop Family YMCA Board of Directors is a very talented and enthusiastic group of volunteer leaders who have been working in three focus areas for our community: Youth Development works to provide summer camps and before and after school programs focused on bridging the achievement gap; Healthy Living works to improve the community's heart and well-being; and Social Responsibility work to provide support for neighbors.

From left to right: Howie Carr, Susan Kaufman, Bill Austin, Jeffrey Garber, Jr., Kristi Sabo, Darrick Wickre, Deonte Watters, Jason Adkins, Nancy Riedemann, Bonnie Hilson, Andy Young, Craig Allen, Barbara Callahan, Billy Almond, Matt Hamel, Jay Atchison, and Chip Ford. Not pictured: Linda Serrette and Nita Patel.

Executive Director Seth Milbrand of the Hilltop YMCA