Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Tidewater Arts Outreach at Decorum Furniture

Guests and artists gathered for a good cause at Decorum Furniture for the 7th Annual Instruments of Art Celebration and Auction.  The theme was Havana Nights and the event was catered by The Dancing Tomato.

William Crump, II, and Stephen Green

Michael Neely with Pearl and Grant Narelle

Artists Tan Vo and Barbara Rogers

Deborah Small and Dave Chance

Julie and Tom Krupnick

Artist Ken Wright and his granddaughter Chele' Dowtin

Richey Cooper and Virginia Crote

Sarah Elopre and Dorian Gramajo

Alaurah Moss and Randy Freeman

Dennis and Dana Bevington

Ray and Katie Buchanan

From left: Steve and Terri Wilkins and Tom Johnston of The Dancing Tomato

Cheryl Starr and Steve Newman

From left: D'Arcy and Mack Weiss with Dan and MaryAnn Tobozm, Executive Director and Founder of Tidewater Arts Outreach

Luciana Ramone and Editor Wendell Ward of The Shopper magazine

From left: Owner of The Mermaid Factory Robert Blondin, Arthur Menoche, and Jim Teming

Kim Espinal and Artist Clayton Singleton

From left: Ricardo Melendez, Todd Rosenlieb, Founder and Executive Director of Tidewater Arts Outreach MaryAnn Toboz, Robert Roman, Owner of Decorum Furniture Claus Ihlemann, David Nicholson, and Dr. Frank Kirchner