Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Catch-up With the Chesapeake Sports Club

The February meeting of the Chesapeake Sports Club was held at the Conference Center, where an overflow crowd listened to guest speaker Jim Ducibella describe his new book, The King of Clubs. In addition, the club inducted nine posthumous Legends of Honor: Colin Baker, Woodrow Barnes, John Bynum, Douglas Eley, Douglas Henley, Edgar Henley, Carl Opauski, Gail Parker, and Donald Perry. Numerous friends and family members were on hand to witness their induction.

Chesapeake City Councilman Lonnie Craig, left, and President Glenn Hampton of the Chesapeake Alliance

Anna Baker accepting for Colon Baker

Mike Jones accepting for Woodrow Barnes

Erickson L. Bynum accepting for John W. Bynum

Kent and Kirk Eley accepting for their father Douglas Eley

Wayne Henley accepting for his brother Douglas and his father Edgar

From left: Carl Opauski's daughter Robin, left, his son Karl, and his grandson accepted in his place

From left: Gail Parker's wife Sharon, his son Brian, and his daughter Terry accepted in his place

From left: Donald Perry's son Curtis, wife Sharon, and his daughter Kim accepted in his place.

Guest Speaker Jim Ducibella, left, and President Steve Johnson