Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


A Tasty Affair

The 18th Annual Taste of Chesapeake was recently held at the Chesapeake Conference Center in Greenbrier. Guests were treated to a variety of tasty samples from the areas' local restaurants and caterers. A silent auction of various items on display was also held. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Chesapeake Care Clinic and the Hampton Roads Dental Center.

From left: Laura Lawrence, The Shopper COO Nikki Young, Internet and Marketing Design CEO Terry Young, and Options Hairstyling Hair Stylist Laura Williamson

Cotton Southern Bistro Executive Chef Jeff Brown and Leigh Ulsh

Lin Old of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, left, and Christopher Rea

First Lady of Chesapeake Phyllis Krasnoff, left, and Shopper Account Executive Angela Blake

From left: Dr. Don Buckley, The Shopper COO Nikki Young, Tull Financial Group CEO Robin Tull, and Internet Marketing and Design CEO Terry Young

From left: The Shopper's Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, Account Executive Angela Blake, and Graphic Designer Jennifer Tolarchyk

The Butcher's Son Executive Chef Jereme Nemeth, left, and Manager Partner Nick Clark

Abuelo's Assistant Manger Patrice Hopkins, left, and Melissa Basnight

From left: Chris Allen, Willie Skenes, Rusty Barath, Vicki and Joe Josue, and Brian Allen

Cephas Bettle of Cutlass Grille, left, with Owner and Chef Shawn Dawkins

From left: City Council Member Debbie Ritter with Al and Carol Shriner

From left: Passion Executive Chef Garett Barner with Owners Diane and Michael Gomori

From left: Ddeb's Owner Debbie Toth, Nicole Jenkins, and Chef Stan Edwards

From left: Cyndi and Jim Dunlo with Phil Johnson

From left: Werdna Wynne with Steve and Roxane Tice

Egg Bistro Owner and General Manager Mike Touhey, left, and Stephanie Renshaw

Charlene Powell with her father, Charlie Taylor

From left: Ryan Schoch, Holly Hancock, Nich McElligott, and Owner Brian Bland of Chesapeake Bay Catering, winners of the Most Memorable D

From left: Phil Johnson, Rick West and his wife Vicky, Richard Pippin, and Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner

Woody and Rita Wood

Wicker's Owner Ray Wicker, left, and Executive Chef Jason Campen

The Art Institute of Virginia Beach Jonae Steinman, left, and Anthony Bargallo

Nancy Woods and her husband Chesapeake School Board Member Michael Woods

Dr. Becky Adams, left, and Susan Smith

Elite Service & Enterprises Owner Jeb Britt

Dr. Juan Montero, left, and Jim Ireland

From left: Teresa Davis with Mi-Car Collision Owners Carolyn and Mike Maddox

The Tastiest of the Taste and Chef's Choice awards went to Off the Hook. From left: Sous Chef Mary Prader, Owners Derrick and Jennifer Carpinelli, and Executive Chef Stephen Gellas

Amazing Glazed won the Sweetest of the Taste award. From left: Amanda Dean, Maria Mattina, and Owners Mary Jane and Ron Hamblin

From left: Traditions' Chef Lee Valentine, Mayor Alan Krasnoff, and Traditions' Owner Rev Guill

From left: Amanda Ellington, Bonnie Walker, and Stephanie Hadley

Tracy Decker and Sherry Morrison

The team from Freemason Abbey, from left: Executive Chef Zachary Johnson, General Manager Colleen Jowers, Executive Manager Lori Maddux, and Blake Cook

From left: Founders of Chesapeake Care Clinic Gene and Harriet Clymer with Betty and Phil Johnson

Tull Financial Group CEO Robin Tull, left, and Internet Marketing and Design CEO Terry Young

From left: Kaylan Moore, Matt Davis with Dixon Hughes Goodman, and Chesapeake City Council Member Roland Davis

From left: Debra Tew, Options Hair Stylist Laura Williamson, Harry Tew, The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, and Laura Lawrence

Tom and Amy Randolph

Comiker and Tina Rivers

From left: Amber Lantern employees Kristie Tardy, Torey Fletch, and Mia Starcher

Owners of Rodgers Banana Pudding Sauce Martha and Reggie Rodgers

Terri and Kevin Mahoney

From left: Steven Jeffries, Kevin Young, Steve Weiner, and Doug Parsons of The Black Pelican in Greenbrier, winners of Best Culinary Presentation.