Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering Hickory Ruritan Club celebrates the Bluegrass festival

Hickory Ruritan Club celebrates the Bluegrass festival

The Tidewater Blue Grass Association met at the Hickory Ruritan Club for an evening of music and award-winning barbeque. The Ruritan Club handles concessions at these events and the profits go into a scholarship fund for local high school and college students.

Hickory Ruritan member Bob Snow, left, and Hickory Ruritan and barbeque Chairman Frontis Cochran.

Past President Carl Jensen, left, and National President of the Ruritan Club Frank Guthrie.

From left: Mike Colbert, Richard Brink, June Vinson, Frontis Cochran and Fred McKenna.

From left: Betty Scott, Colleen Hitt, Jennifer Prillman and Marilyn Elliot.

Harvey Wheer and Carrie Byrum came out to listen to the bluegrass band.

Carolyn and John Fisher.

From left: Carol, Andy, Joseph and Elena Ficklen.

From left: Hannah Adams, Katlyn Donahou, Courtney Evans, Hayley Evans and Ashley Evans.

Member Gordon Boyd handed a delicious barbeque sandwich to retired chief and veteran of three wars Ralph Collins.

Allen Hilliard, left, and Bill Green.