Monday, April 12th, 2021


Fabulous Food Fest

Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan of the Chesapeake Sheriff's office and President Doug Allen of the South Norfolk Ruritans Club recently held the 36th Annual Great American Food Fest, one of Chesapeake's biggest outdoor events. Attendees had the opportunity to sample some of the area restaurants' best food and drinks. Proceeds from the event benefited Chesapeake Sheriff's office Elder and Indigent Victims Assistant Programs.

From left: Chesapeake Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner, Patricia Willis, and her husband Judge Larry Willis

The Jones family, from left: Bryan with his mom Kathy and dad Larry

From left: Sue Cosgrove, Senator John Cosgrove, Brenda Ike, Council Member Robert Ike, Jr., Delegate Barry Knight, and Captain Chip Chappell of the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office

Nancy Woods and her husband Chesapeake School Board Member Michael Woods

The River Boyz entertained the huge crowd

Chesapeake School Board Chairman Christie New Craig and Delegate Lionell Spruill

From left: Gene and Denise Waters, Laura Lawrence, Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Laura Williamson, and Tom DiPrima

Lockside Bar & Grill Owner Dustin Hughes

Vino Italian Bistro's Josh Rogers

Representing one of Chesapeake's newest seafood restaurants, The Black Pelican, from left: Steve Jeffries, Nate Brake, Richard Gold, General Manager Doug Parsons, and Shannon Lindsey

From left: Ran Campbell, Buckets Bar and Grill Owner Eddie Manning, and Ryan Creef

Stacey Cormier and Tim Garrett of Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

Jerry's Restaurant Owner Denise Humphries

From TowneBank Ross Morgan, left, and Mark Hubbard

Herb and Elizabeth Perlin

South Norfolk Ruritans Charlie Taylor, left, with his son Chuck

From left: Jimmy and Danna Frey, Suzette Marrs, and Kim Kelley

Chesapeake Firefighter Kyle Boettner

Greg Boyce, left, and Fred Woodall

From left: Bobby Badary, Hair Kingdom Owner/Stylist Denise Query, and Options Hairstyling Stylist Laura Williamson