Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


6th Annual Wine Festival

The Chesapeake Rotary Club sponsored its 6th annual Chesapeake Wine Festival. This year, total contributions from the event to Chesapeake charities reached the $1,000,000 mark. All of the funds raised by the all volunteer effort go to charities right here in Chesapeake.

From left: Jessica Clark, Steve Haupt, Kristen Maddux, Nick Maddux, John Maddux, and Lori Maddux

From left: Jane Best, Kim Seymour, Donna Watkins, and William Doxey

From left: Brenda Ward, Kym Bach, and The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli

From left: Michelle Clapp, Teresa Deloatch, Megan Clapp, Mark Fickel, and Leslie Deloatch

Angela Stallworth, left, and Primrose Co-director Tonya Gill

From left: Marilyn Gaskins, Christina Hines, Ed Zedrick, Sarah Larkin, and Joe Larken

From left: Christine Anemaet, Courtney Bernier, Stefan James, and Nate Anemaet

From left: Gin Evans, Candy Wagner, Mendy Worvell, Tammy Lovett, and Todd Bockwoldt

From left: Matthew Johns, Erica Beer, Mike Steinberg, Alyssa Hoffman, and Brianne Slando

From left: Pat Tully, Matt Tully, and Amy Tully

Irina Hickson, left, and Rahsha Batiste

Whitney Clayton, left, and The Shopper Editor Michelle Douglas

The Shopper's Client Relations Manager Jeff Barnard, left, and Judge Robert MacDonald

From left: Senator John Cosgrove, Commonwealth Attorney Nancy Parr, LuAnn Smith, and Sue Cosgrove

From left: Senator John Cosgrove, Susan Pelletier, and her husband U.S. Termite Owner Mike Pelletier

Delegate Jay Leftwich, left, and Delegate Ron Villanueva

From left: Priority Automotive Vice President Stacy Cummings, Sajomach President and Chesapeake Council Member Roland Davis, and Virginia Asset Group Senior Vice President Richard McMillan

Front from left: Steve and Kym Bach, The Shopper's Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, Editor Michelle Douglas, Production Manager Karah Angeli, and Emma Zamora. Back from left: Tom DiPrima, Betsy Bidwell, William Doxey, and The Shopper's Client Relations Manager Jeff Barnard. Photo courtesy Kaiser Custom Images