Sunday, April 11th, 2021


The Bra-ha-ha... A seriously uplifting experience

The Chesapeake Regional Medical Center's Bra-ha-ha Awards Show and Auction celebration was held at the Chesapeake Conference Center on September 25th. Outrageously fun and humorous bras were decorated and donated to the show for auction. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the event go to the Breast Center for mammograms and breast health services.

Chairperson Shirley Forbes, who graciously chaired The Bra-ha-ha committee

From left: CEO of Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Peter Bastone, Executive Director of Marketing for Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Cathy Bush, and Barry Mathias of Monarch Bank

From left: Chesapeake City Councilman Robert Ike, Vice President of Sentry Security Brenda Ike, President of Monarch Bank David Rock, and Dawn Matheson

From left: Bishop Kim Brown, with daughter Kimberly Brown, wife Valerie Brown, Angie Freeman, and Arthur Jarrett

Congressman Randy Forbes with his grandpug, Men in Pink mascot Joey

The Men in Pink

Owner of Long Jewelers Steve Long, with Joanne Pantak

Dermacare Owner Leon Garber with wife Sheryl

Vice Mayor Dr. John deTriquet with his wife Carole

Chesapeake Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff with Dan Banister of Nissan of Chesapeake

Sarah Kehr, Media Relations for Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, left, and The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli

Carrianne Cicero and Miss Teen Delmarva Ashley Hornung

Roland Davis, Jorge Dabul, and Barry Mathias

Committee Member of Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Melissa Howerton and Executive Manager of Freemason Abbey Lori Maddux

Bob Oman Chesapeake Hospital Authority, Rhonda Bridgeman Chair for Chesapeake Hospital Authority, Dr. Paul Braunstein and Mrs. Linda Braunstein.