Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Punt, Pass & Kick Success

The Portsmouth Sports Club sponsored the first ever Punt, Pass & Kick competition in the city, which was held at Wilson High School. Even though only 13 participants competed, organizers of the event expressed excitement that the event will bring more children to compete next year. Seven participants advanced to the sectional competition, which will be held in October. Finalists will be given a chance to compete at FedEX Field during the Redskins game in November. Volunteers from Wilson and Norcom High School football teams assisted the Sports Club in organizing the event.


Photos courtesy Richard Wentz

Front line from left: Sports Club President Ned McCabe, Jack Welsby, Nick Moore, and Rob Wilber. Back line from left: Billy Hasty, Nicole McGowan, and Dale Stewart

Field goal kicker Nicole McGowan

Nick Moore throwing a long pass

Billy Hasty, left, and Dale Stewart watching the kicker

Billy Hasty, left, observing the passer

Fair catch by Dale Stewart