Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Blue Seafood and Spirits

A cozy, friendly new restaurant in Red Mill has opened to the delight of seafood lovers. Owner and Chef Charles Thain greets guests with warmth and appreciation while Tania waits on diners as if in her own home.

The ambience is hometown with a nautical flair in a casual yet elegant setting. One can tell many guests are regular seafood lovers and even those seeking meat are delighted! 

Chef Thain greets guests

Sue Conforti Roberts, left, visiting from Cape Cod and Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

From left: Dr. Porter Collier, Chef Thain, and Dennis Gerwitz. Dr. Collier, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Suffolk, joined friends, including Dennis Gerwitz, a contractor from Virginia Beach, and were pleased to meet the chef.

Dr. Collier, left, and Dennis Gerwitz, right, enjoyed meeting Tania