Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Rotary Music Awards

The Chesapeake Rotary Club recently honored a music student from Hickory Highschool. Stacey Reibold received a music award for outstanding talent in chorus. After the lunch she thanked everyone for the award, then performed a piece from Phantom of the Opera.

Miss Chesapeake Andolyn Medina

From left: President of Chesapeake Rotary club and Senior Vice President of TownBank Chesapeake Ross Morgan, Hickory Chorus Teacher David Cowell, and Thalhiemer's Commercial Realtor Rotarian Gardner King

Andolyn Medina and Dr. Don Buckley

From left: Councilwoman Dr. Ella Ward, Miss Chesapeake Andolyn Medina, and her mother Carolyn Medina

Peggy Mathews, left, and winner of the music award Stacey Reibold

Chesapeake Services System Owner Tom Swanston and his wife Delinda