Saturday, April 17th, 2021


The May Meeting of the Chesapeake Sports Club

The May meeting of the Chesapeake Sports Club was held at the Chesapeake Conference Center. The club awarded 12 college scholarships to graduating seniors who excelled in both academics and athletics throughout their high school careers. The keynote speaker was Bryan Steinspring, longtime Virginia Tech football coach and recruiting coordinator.

Board member Linwood Nelms introduced the scholarship recipients

Elijah O'Bryant from Atlantic Shores

Ariana McCoy from Deep Creek

Grace Rovenolt from Deep Creek

Samantha Vutsinas From Grassfield

Mayanni McCourty from Great Bridge

Russell Martin from Great Bridge

Melanie Carter from Hickory

William Sevcik from Hickory

Nichelle Farokhpour from Indian River

James Albritton from Indian River

Alexus Knight from Indian River

Harry Holtzclaw from Western Branch

Bryan Steinspring inspired the crowd with his speech

Award participants proudly display their accomplishments

From left: Board member Jerry Gaines, guest speaker Bryan Steinspring, Donn Irby, and President of VT Alumni Association Chris Jennings