Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Hoops, Hops and Shamrocks 2015

This fundraiser for Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, held at the Khedive Temple on Woodlake Drive in Chesapeake, also doubled as a 75th birthday party for the Sheriff's Mom, Jean O'Sullivan, known to everyone as JeanO. Along with lots of food and libations, the ACC basketball games were showing on TVs placed in the center of the room so guests could support Sheriff O'Sullivan and still not miss the ACC action.

Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, and his wife, Jenny

From left: Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, Jenny O'Sullivan, Senator John Cosgrove and City Council Member Debbie Ritter

From left: Pete Burkheimer, Scott Danner, Steve Best, Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, and Chesapeake Assistant City Attorney Grady Palmer

Dave Rosado, left, and Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan

Taylor Joyner and Trey Wright

Chesapeake Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Brandon Fellers, left, and Chesapeake Sheriff's Office employee Ronnie Griffin

From left: Keith and Ginger Bailey, Jill Newton, Jim and Karen Jarrett

From left: Lori O'Sullivan, Jean O'Sullivan and Teresa Newman

Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan and his Mom, Jean O'Sullivan

Owners of Sentry Security, Brenda Hansen-Ike and Robert Ike

From left: Larry Wall, Melvin Tanner, Ryan Scott and Robbie Perdue

From left: Larry Wall, Greg Velez, LaSalle Parker and Robbie Perdue

Scott and Becky Gardner

From left: Kelly and Tommy Tisdale, Jesse Burnside and Amanda Kerr

From left: Jenny O'Sullivan, Chesapeake Sheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, and The Shopper Account Executive Terri Young

From left: Chesapeake City Councilman Roland Davis with Jenny and Jim O'Sullivan