Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Portsmouth Sports Club Jamboree

The 69th Annual Jamboree of the Portsmouth Sports Club was held at the Renaissance Hotel. President James Short introduced Mayor Kenneth Wright, who provided the official welcome from the City of Portsmouth. Jack Ankerson, Master of Ceremonies, presented the award winners and scholarship recipients. Ms. Nancy Lieberman, the feature speaker, gave an inspiring speech focusing on the scholarship winners, telling them that a great player is one who strives to make their teammates great. Three members of 1950 Woodrow Wilson football team were also in attendance. Jack Welsby received honors as the Club Member of the Year.

From left: JoJo Ardagna, Joe McGowan, and Nicole McGowan

Portsmouth Mayor Kenneth Wright, left, and Club President James Short

From left: President of the Sports Club Foundation Todd Rose, Paul Vestal, and Executive Director of Portsmouth YMCA Richard Wentz

From left: Portsmouth Commissioner of Revenue Franklin Edmondson, Kathy Edmondson, Merrill Craig, State Senator John Cosgrove, and Chairperson of the Chesapeake School Board Christie Craig.

From left: Executive Director of Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Eddie Webb, Jack Ankerson, James Short, and Richard Wentz

Cindi Morris, left, and guest speaker Nancy Lieberman

From left: Cynthia Carson, Libby Hinton, and JoAnn Cherry

Randy Thompson, left, and York Poole

1950 Woodrow Wilson football players from left: Phillip Richards, Dr. Hal McCarter (seated), and Joe Campbell