Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Bud Moulse Throws Surprise Birthday Party for his Wife Debbie!

Bud Moulse picked Norfolk's Town Point Club to be the location of a surprise party for his wife on a Saturday night. A group of 12 gathered in a private room overlooking the river and all agreed it was a wonderful evening.

From left: Robin Brown, Brent Brown, Rick Graham and Kim Graham

From left: Robin Brown, Debbie Moulse, Bud Moulse and Kim Graham

Fromleft: Don Buckley, Cheri Champagne and Lynn Champagne

From left: Lynn Champagne, The Shopper CEO Jean Loxley-Barnard, Robin Brown, Brent Brown, Kim Graham, Rick Graham, Cheri Champagne, Don Buckley, Debbie Moulse, Alvene Buckley and Bud Moulse

Terry Barnard and Alvene Buckley

Bud and Debbie Moulse at Town Point Club where he truly surprised his wife at an intimate birthday party with 10 friends.

Debbie Moulse as her waiter served the birthday cake with enough to share

Bud Moulse, left, and long time friend Don Buckley

From left: Jean Loxley-Barnard, Alvene Buckley, Bud Moulse and Don Buckley