Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Past and Present celebrates one-year milestone

Past and Present Gifts and Home D

Manager Brittney Whitehead showed customers a few "Keeper of the Light" candles

Mel and Linda Yenglin

Heather Applegate with Oberweis Dairy, left, shared information with Pam Pike

Bill and Pam Pike

Debbie House and Don Strahan tried on their new reindeer and Santa party glasses

Daniel House

Justin Whitehead, and his wife Past and Present Manager Brittney Whitehead

The BBQ Joint Co-owner Patty Crowling

Austin Franklin and Angela Efird

The BBQ Joint Owners Ed and Patty Crowling served a delicious lunch

Cynthia Rios

The Gutberlet family, from left: Kerstin, daughters Tamina and Stella Marie, and Martin

Employee Kim Tompkins, right, showed customer Cynthia Rios one of the new Chesapeake Bay Santas

Beth Knight

Carl Mathews and Andrew Bertrand of the Cedar Room Ramblers

Beth Knight, left, and Cynthia Rios

Family friend Amy Burrows with sons Lewis and Drake

Music was provided by the Cedar Room Ramblers

Carl Mathews, left, and Andrew Bertrand of the Cedar Room Ramblers

Mike and Terri Geoghegan with daughter Molly

Employee Kim Tompkins enjoyed a quick hug from her family who stopped by for the celebration. From left: Michael Young, daughter Gabrielle, Kim Tomkins, and Tara Young.