Sunday, April 11th, 2021


HappyCity Toys celebrates the holiday season with an open house

Guests were treated to science and toy demonstrations, plus a wide variety of educational and fun toys for kids of all ages. A raffle was held and proceeds were donated to CHKD.

Kids enjoyed participating in the demonstrations

Owner Dr. Vas with his daughter Ana

Front row, from left: Natalie Whelan, baby Jeremiah Whelan, Paige Eckes, and Anthony Eckes. Middle row, from left: Julie Whelan, Jennifer Holderman, baby Finn Holderman, and Stephanie Eckes. Back: Mark Holderman

Employees Katie Hester, left, and Blaine Page

Pembroke Elementary Teacher Mark Shonerd went browsing for ideas

Samuel and mom Stephanie Hartung learned about the open house by reading The Shopper