Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Chesapeake Celebrates the 35th Annual Great American Food Fest

The 35th Annual Great American Food Fest was recently held at the Chesapeake Park and hosted by the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office and South Norfolk Ruritan Club. Friends and families enjoyed the beautiful afternoon by sampling the many local vendors' tasty treats. Proceeds will benefit the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office charities and Ruritan Community Projects.

State Senator John Cosgrove and wife Sue

Rebecca and David Corak

Irvin and Claire Askew

Attorney Anthony Draper, left, and Grady Palmer

Sergeant David Rosado of the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office

Tony Casper, left, and Andrew Cropp

Chesapeake Shriners, from left: Harry Tew, President Jeff Tuell, Dave Davis, Joe Ramsey, Ray Gates, and Wayne Sherman

From left: Chesapeake Council Member Robert Ike, Sentry Security owner Brenda Ike, The Shopper Administrative Assistant Connie DiPrima, Sue Cosgrove, and State Senator John Cosgrove

From left: Frances Nittinger, John Cooper, Carole McCullough, Tom DiPrima, and Options Hair Styling stylist Laura Williamson

Kevin Moriarty, left, and Steve Mele

From left: Options Hair Styling Stylist Laura Williams, Hair Kingdom Owner Denise Query, Skip Frey, Danna Frey, and Jimmy Frey

Nancy Woods and her husband Chesapeake School Board Member Michael Woods

From left: Ryan Edwards, Tony Sorrell, Davina Rumble, Chance Davenport, Chad Sorrell, and Abigail Arps

Lockside Bar and Grill Server Tracy Turner

From left: Sarah Hampton, Benny Hampton, Kurt Johnson, and Bryan Jones

From left: Roberta Hunter, Kevin Baucom, Debbie, and Tom Burke

Joe Newman, left, and Martin Vines

From Chesapeake Sheriff's Office, Captain David Howell, left, and Captain William James

From left: Bruce and Paula Raper with Kari Frugard

Entertainment was provided by Tailgate Down

Chesapeake Mayor Dr. Alan Krasnoff and the Norfolk State University basketball team