Saturday, April 17th, 2021


Seafood Fest

The Khedive Shriners recently held their annual Seafood Fest. Family, friends, and guests feasted on delicious steamed shrimp, fried oysters, clams, and fish. The band Hotcakes provided the entertainment for the day. Proceeds benefit Khedive Shrine Center.

From left: Bobby Williamson, his wife stylist Laura Turner with Options Hairstyling, and Tom DiPrima

From left: Paul Pennybaker, Chuck Bateman, Pete Gordon, Terry Riley, Jack Laursen, and RG Brown

Chris Shackelford, left, and Terry Riley

Grassroots Landscapes Owners Susan and Craig Gallifant

Susan Gallifant and Darrell Williams

Kimberly Henshaw and Craig Strohecker

From left: Helen and John Mundy with Amy Dunphy

Jim Ramsey, left, and Rob Cherry

The Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli, left, and her beautiful mother Betsy Bidwell

From left: Options Hairstyling Stylist Laura Turner, Coni Spalenka, and Laura Lawrence

Serving plenty of steamed shrimp from left: Ashley Yerrington, Charlie Taylor, and Mike O'Brien

The O'Briens, from left: Carter, Mike, Kevin and Pat

Ken McCullough

From left: Roger Hartman, 2014 Potentate Randy Murphy, 2014 Crabfest Chairman Joe Ramsey and Ken McCullough

2014 Potentate Randy Murphy and his wife Lady Debbie

Gary Meyers, left, and Buddy Bagley

Mary and Gary Meyers just celebrated 54 years of marriage

From left: David Powell, Bill Hoggard, and Susan Coffman

From left: John Mundy, Dan Dunphy, and Tom DiPrima

Harry Tew, left, and Jim Spalenka

James Sorrell

Wes Gregory and Steph Warner

Andrew Cropp, left, and Daniel Keller

Khedive Shriner Hillbillies, from left: Mike Lingenfelter, Matt Watton, Duke Cleek, Joe Thorton, and Wayne DeFord

Kim Hall

Local band Hotcakes provided entertainment

Heidi Wilson and Jim Spalenka

David Martin

Dr. Harry T. Williams, Jr.