Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


FantaSci 2014

Lovers of fantasy, science fiction, and comics converged on Chesapeake Central Library July 26 for the annual FantaSci event. Those who love all things fantastical gather to meet kindred spirits, purchase collectibles, show off their cosplay skills, and even raise funds for charity. The day-long celebration also includes breakout sessions, contests, workshops, and more, topped off with a film viewing that night. Attendance is free, and it's a wonderful weekend activity for families.

The Shopper Editor (and unabashed fangirl) Candance Moore with Fourth Doctor Who as portrayed by David Hawk

Tidewater Alliance member Andy brandished a saber from the group's impressive collection

Mark Wickham of Chesapeake Place is a talented wood carver who sells commissioned pieces

This Klingon portrayed by Kevin gladly explained his species to newcomers